Success Stories



Jane Ndanu – AIC Jericho

In charge of children in Nairobi area

A counselor by profession who constantly engages people who are affected, infected with HIV and those who are not so that they stay safe and healthy.

During the FCI implementation, she kept on communicating and passing messages of hope on HIV. Thanks to INERELA KENYA who empowered them on knowledge of passing messages of hope to their congregations. Interacted with 4 groups of people;

  • Children affected by HIV – gave them hope for life
  • Parents affected –
  • Men – so difficult to meet, but through continuous communication with them, during that time 7 of them have accepted and opened up.
  • Youths – come to her office for testing thanks to INERELA for the effort. Their main challenge was fear. The swiftness and professionalism in testing, made them refer others for testing.


USTADH BILAL – Riyadha Mosque

The story of the Ustadh starts with his mom who succumbed to HIV. The mom had difficulties in opening up with her son. He got the news of his mom’s sickness from a neighbor, by then it was too late for her to receive the required medications and care. This made him join INERELA+ KENYA Network as a champion so that he could help others with issues in opening up and linking to medical care.

FCI project has given the courage to pass messages of hope in mosques and other Muslim gathering places. People used to be surprised in him talking topics outside religious issues in mosques. Through that, many people came to him to know more about HIV and self-testing kits.

He also heads a support group for those living with HIV, through the support group, members share experiences and he builds their morale with positive messages of hope from the Quran.

The project made him network and know other services providers within his area. He could refer and guide those who need services even after the FCI project

The Ustadh also uses his Madarasa as a platform to pass messages of hope to children, he constantly engages with them on topics like child rights and empowered them on opening up and reporting those who try to violate them.

KILATYARiyadha Jesus is a life Ministries Church

A community Health Volunteer and an advocate for children rights in the community.

He mentors children on mental health, Sexual and Gender Violence. During COVID-19 where many children have gone through lots of violence, he used his space to capacity build the children on interacting with other society members so that they won’t be exploited by them. He trained them on how to speak out in case someone wants to violate and touch their private parts. He also trained parents on positive parenting so that they are able to sit and create time with their children.

He also trained parents living with HIV on voluntary savings and loaning so that they are empowered economically and at the end of the day could buy drugs and balanced diet food

Sensitizes church members and congregations on safe space for survivors of SVAC and GBV.

FCI has brought a lot of change and transformation in communities especially in the informal settlements where many cases of SVAC and GBV cases are reported. The initiative helped the Faith community to be the voice of those who are voiceless and couldn’t express themselves through creating safe spaces where they can share and opening up so that they can get the help they need. Support systems also helped a lot of people living with HIV get psychosocial support and self-care so that they can adhere to medications.

Communities through religious leaders are empowered on referral pathways, there is a network of collaboration among the various services providers within the area, and the people can know service delivery points