INERELA+ Kenya Report on Establishing and Strengthening Congregational Health Empowerment and Social Safety Advocates in Response to SRHR, HIV, Child Marriage, Teenage Pregnancy and SGBV


INERELA+ Kenya with the kind support from INERELA+ Secretariat engaged faith leaders and young people in order to equip them in establishing and strengthening congregational health empowerment and social safety advocates (CHESS) groups, that would identify and implement a suitable social media platform for SRHR, HIV, Child marriage, Teenage pregnancy and SGBV.

As a build up activity from a previously conducted training with the CHESS advocates and religious leaders, INERELA+ Kenya was able to have key discussions virtually in order to better address challenges affecting young people and with the advent of the current COVID 19 pandemic, these discussions were vital, where they brought a sprout up of hidden issues among young people that were better handled and addressed with the help of the faith leaders, who were on board to provide guidance and support.

The attached report highlights in detail the activities that were successfully undertaken as a responsive measure towards addressing these issues.

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