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On November 28, 2018, the United States government announced the investment of $100 million, through PEPFAR, to address key gaps toward achieving HIV epidemic control and ensuring justice for children, including by leveraging the unique capacities and compassion of faith-based organizations and communities.

The Faith and Community Initiative seeks to:
  1. Engage communities of faith to reach men and children with testing and services, understand the epidemic, and raise community awareness through:
    • Faith community structures; and
    • Existing and additional FBO partners.
  2. Strengthen justice for children through:
    • Community leaders (e.g., faith, traditional, school , civic);
    • Faith & traditional organizations/structures; and
    • Justice sector, and those who work with the Justice sector.
To maintain the gains for HIV prevention and control, global faith leaders also developed Messages of Hope for COVID-19.  While these messages were developed with the aim of serving populations affected by HIV/AIDS, they are generic and can be adapted for use in other settings.

Inerela Kenya  partnered  with FCI to run  this project in various regions  within Kenya. This project ran every month from September 2020 to September 2021. The documentation is in the links below:

Access to land for women is critical for their participation in Kenya’s
governance1.It can also be said that greater access is needed for women to
participate in the economic development of the nation. This is because of the fact
that land-based resources comprise the backbone of the national economy and
are the main source of livelihood for many. The land ownership in Kenya is
skewed against women2. This puts the women in a weak economic situation. The
problem is worse for women living with HIV and AIDS.

There are good intentions on the part of the government and policy makers to
address this problem, as evidenced by the good provisions in the Constitution of
Kenya and the Land Laws enacted by parliament. However these intentions can
remain intentions unless efforts are made to empower the women at the
grassroots to push for greater access, control and ownership of land and
property, and thus improve their lives.

To address the above issues the Kenya Network of Religious Leaders Living with
or Personally Affected by HIV/AIDS (KENERELA+) has been implementing a
project to promote Land and Property Rights and Women’s Economic
Empowerment in Laikipia County. This project was funded by UNWomen. The
objective of the project was two pronged. One it aimed at Capacity strengthening
on land and property rights and existing policies.

The document below outlines these issues in more detail:

Endline Report

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