The ER&IS Generation is a flagship of KENERELA that is formed by a   group of vibrant young people who have decided to take the stand and the initiative in making the right choices in life. We seek to impact the lives of other youths around us by empowering them with skills that will help them live the rich and healthy lives. We target the age bracket of youths and teenagers.

The ER&IS generation stands  for encouraging responsibility & igniting self-control and works under the slogan, in the rightful way we rise .We as ER&IS  generation we stand to promote a holistic growth spiritually, mentally and physically to the young generation. We believe the choices that we make when we are young have a great impact on our future. We have therefore chosen to empower ourselves and others with skills that will help us maintain our morals thus enhancing our potential to positively influence the society.

Our mission

Engage, equip, empower and mentor young people for purity.


  • Encouraging responsibility among young people
  • Igniting self-control among young people
  • Empowering young people to attain and maintain sexual purity.

In the rightful way we rise

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