A comprehensive on faith based responses to children`s comprehensive Sexuality Education and Information.

Religious leaders are central to the process of ensuring that children have access to life saving knowledge. There is unanimity across the different countries that religious leaders could not afford to ignore issues of human sexuality especially in a region that has been the most affected by HIV &AIDS.INERELA SOUTH AFRICA has had a notable impact in alerting them to the agency at the task at hand. Likewise INERELA+KENYA has not been left behind in steering the change in regards to HIV and sexuality related issues.

INERELA+KENYA has conducted notable training that capacitate the religious leaders with the knowledge of CSE&I thus making them to be heralds of change in the society. Conducting theological workshops in various counties has broached the contentious issues of sexual diversity and how different religions approach the theme of sexuality in the religious settings. With the support of Save the Children International, INERELA +KENYA has continued to challenge the religious leaders to recognize the need to appreciate the complexity of human sexuality and to engage in the search for more effective counselor+KENYA has noted that religious leaders tend to be opposed to rights based approaches, arguing that there are fixed divine standards that must be upheld and also the faith communities have a perception of children have inalienable right to information.

Advocating for sexuality education in the faith communities will help curb the issue of silence on sexuality and we will freely assuage the problem.

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