Supporting Faith Community Responses

In the past faith community responses to HIV and AIDS were formulated within the Theology that interpreted HIV as a punishment from God. This created a “them vs us” situation where people of faith regarded HIV positive people as sinful. The responses were therefore skewed towards providing services to “those others”

  1. Reaching to previously excluded communities: this includes developing all inclusive programs that takes into account children particularly the girl child, women LHIV among

INERELA+ Kenya works with country networks and individual faith leaders

living with HIV to assist them design appropriately formulated faith

community level responses to HIV. Some of the congregation response

activities that are being implemented in various countries include the


  1. Counselling and Testing services for Religious leaders: this entails the creation of HIV counselling and testing centres either in the congregation or networking with service providers within the regions that are already established with counsellors who understand faith leaders needs and provides them with pre and posttest counselling and testing We operate a call counselling service to further support religious leaders who are living with HIV.
  1. Support Groups of faith leaders and PLHIV: to overcome stigma, at faith community level, we form support groups of religious leaders living with HIV to provide them a platform to share their experiences and encourage each other to increase their activities of bringing about change in the communities

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