Strong Regional Offices

Religious Leaders just like many people find it very difficult to access HIV counselling, testing and other prevention, treatment care and support services due to high levels of Stigma, Shame, Discrimination, Denial, Inaction and Mis-action (SDDIM) associated with HIV and AIDS. In order to overcome SSDDIM, we start by creating a supportive environment in each country by identifying religious leaders that already know their HIV status or are personally affected by HIV and work with them to create a support network that encourages others to overcome SDDIM and create an environment where people, especially faith leaders, freely access HIV and TB Services.

Once established, members from the regions are then mobilized to form support groups for empowerment and transformation. Each support group sets up their own committee and select a regional representative through which they coordinate their support to members. Currently, we have a total of 50 support groups in all the regions in the country.

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    Strong Regional Offices – INERELA+ Kenya

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