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INERELA+ Kenya Approach

INERELA+ Kenya responds to HIV through a comprehensive approach known as „SAVE‟ that embraces other underlying socio-economic and structural issues that continue to fuel the spread of HIV. These include SRH, Gender, human rights and Maternal and Child Health (MCH) issues.

‘S’ refers to ‘Safer Practices’: We advocate for safe blood transfusion, barrier methods for penetrative sexual intercourse, sterile needles and syringes for injecting and adoption universal medical precautions. This also includes abstinence, being faithful and observance of other family and society morals for healthy families.

‘A’ refers to ‘Access to Treatment’: We advocate for strict adherence to Anti-retroviral (ARV) therapy for PLHIV through congregational religious rituals and family support mechanisms. We also advocate for treating of opportunistic infections, good nutrition and adequate supply of clean water.

‘V’ refers to voluntary counseling and testing: INERELA+ Kenya members have been trained to advocate for and encourage VCT in their families, congregations, communities, and counties. (The development of “Post Test Clubs” and congregational support groups has proved to be one of the most effective support mechanisms) 6

‘E’ refers to empowerment through education: INERELA+ Kenya believes that correct and adequate information needs to be disseminated to all within faith communities and outer communities so as to ensure that people respond to HIV, SRH, Gender and Human Rights in a more informed approach.


1. SAVE and SSDDIM Mainstreaming
2. Advocacy
3. Sexual and Reproductive and rights (SRHRS)
4. Gender Discourse
5. Women Land and Property Rights
6. Health Governance
7. Media and Publicity
8. Empowerment of religious leaders
9. Congregational Responses
10. Initiation of Dialogue between People living with HIV and Religious Leaders
11. Documentation/Publications

Core Values

• Support without judgement
• No political affiliation
• Leaders as role models
• Do not demand disclosure
• Seek to serve
• Empower members with skills related to the fight against HIV and AIDS
• Inclusive not excusive
• Respect for life
• Gender inclusive network
• Transparency and accountability to all stakeholders


• Overcome self & societal stigma
• Engage in stimulating faith community responses
• Influence policies and service provision

Our Staff

  • Jane Nganga
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    Joylyn Chepkorir
  • IMG-20160708-WA0019
    William Sila