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The Kenya Network of religious Leaders Living with or Personally Affected by HIV (KENERELA+) is an interfaith platform that supports the involvement of religious leaders in HIV and AIDS initiatives. Through amplification of the prophetic faith voices, the network  encourages scaled up and impact oriented responses to both HIV and AIDS, and poverty eradication at local, national and regional. Currently, the network has a membership of over 2,500 religious leaders reaching over 2 million people through congregations and community. It’s secretariat is based in Nairobi.
VisionINERELA+ Kenya envisions a nation where HIV and AIDS related stigma, transmissions and deaths are eliminated through the active participation of religious leaders that are openly living with HIV.


MissionINERELA+ Kenya exists to equip, empower and engage religious leaders living with or personally affected by HIV to live positively and openly as heralds of hope and agents of change in their faith communities and counties. 

INERELA+ Kenya works with religious leaders that are living with and personally affected by HIV and AIDS to ensure that they are empowered to: 

(i) Break the silence and live openly and positively.
 (ii) End self and community stigma, denial and shame.
 (iii) Be forces of change and action in their faith and surrounding communities. 
(iv) Influence faith community and national policies around HIV programming, gender, SRH and human rights and accountability. 

strategic objectives
1.To establish highly effective networks across the nation that link Religious Leaders Living with or Personally affected by HIV and AIDS. 

2.To support members use their empowered HIV and AIDS status to reach out to their immediate congregations/religious structures, surrounding communities and the civil society at large in breaking the silence surrounding the HIV epidemic, ending stigma and discrimination, and advocate for enhanced prevention, care, support, treatment and behavior change intervention. 
3: To build and scale up networks‟ use of their experiences with members‟ activities and impacts to secure and sustain awareness, publicity information sharing and communication through available and possible means.  
 4: To broaden the program focus to empower religious leaders for the implementation of congregational responses and join partners in HIV advocacy and action with and for people living with and vulnerable to HIV infection especially excluded groups.
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