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INERELA+ KENYA has also seen an expansion in the scope of its interventions. Originally, INERELA+ KENYA was focusing on support for members of the network that were suffering stigma because of their HIV status. This has now been expanded to:
1.Gender discourse
a.Male involment
b.Women land and property rights.
2.Heath governance.
3.Congregational response.
4.Media and publicity

INERELA+ KENYA has also made a contribution on the gender discourse. Through its network, it has engaged in activities aimed at addressing Gender Based Violence in faith communities, and especially amongst the leaders. Through support from partners, KENERELA conducted and published a Gender Audit, that sought to identify more about the gender issues.Below is a gender audit brochure  from UN women that expound more on gender dynamics.

The gender audit.
  • Male involvement.

Male involvement has been low. There is need to find out why this is so, and find ways of ensuring that men are involved in the whole spectrum of HIV services and in fighting stigma and discrimination.

  • Women Land and Property Rights
In the course of its work, INERELA+ KENYA realized that a bad land ownership regimen in Kenya had a very adverse impact on women, especially those living with or personally affected by HIV/AIDS. The system of.Women Land and Property Rights has been put into consideration by INERELA+KENYA.

Women are often dispossessed of their land after the death of their husbands, exposing them to further suffering, and the risk of infection or re-infection with HIV. Those already under treatment are left in a situation where they cannot afford treatment or good nutrition leading to deterioration of their health, while their children are unable to access education.The policy brief below explains some government documentation concerning women rights in Kenya.

The policy brief of women`s right to land and property ownership.
2. Health Governance
Under the new constitution of Kenya, health services have been devolved to the counties. What this means is that decisions on health matters including budget allocation for health services are made at the county level. INERELA+ KENYA has seized the opportunity provided by this new arrangement by building the capacity of its network to engage with the county governments. This is a completely new area for INERELA+ KENYA that has been made possible by the partnership with Christian Aid

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