Over time, INERELA+ Kenya has developed and strengthened core competencies in;

Documentation, Publications, Media & Publicity

Over the course of her work, INERELA+ Kenya has documented and published several works both in text as well as via videos to showcase the works done for posterity. Some of the works include; Beyond Stigma I&II, SAVE Booklet, Facts Sheets on various issues, Gender Audit, Faith Sector Messaging (collaborative effort through Faith Sector Working Group)

Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH)

INERELA+ Kenya has established strengths to address sexual and reproductive health issues using the safe spaces model. Over time, INERELA+ Kenya has engaged key religious leaders to evaluate and develop theologically sound comprehensive sexuality education as well as life skills manuals for use within faith based institutions as well as faith communities. The involvement of INERELA+ Kenya in SRH programming has made impact, not just in religious organizations under the network, but also on youth and children within congregations. These interventions have been made possible through partnership with Save the Children, Church of Sweden, Africa Christian Health Associations Platform (ACHAP) AMREF and INERELA+. Some of the key materials developed by INERELA+ Kenya to address life skills as well as comprehensive sexuality education include the Sermon and Khutubah Guide and the Life Skills Manual for Faith Teachers.

Congregational Responses

INERELA+ Kenya works through congregational responses platform to enhance the response of faith communities to include care and support programs, advocacy and health governance. This model has been enhanced using the Framework for Dialogue platform which has seen religious leaders engage with people living with HIV meaningfully to establish sustainable and long-term partnerships, encompassing both collaboration and dialogue among networks of people living with HIV, faith based organizations and religious leaders. This model also involves engaging AYPs through SAFE SPACES to enhance meaningful dialogue. The congregational responses model supports the documentation and sharing of good policy and practice as well as lessons learned to overcome challenges faced by people living with HIV and faith communities in the response to HIV. Key outcomes of the congregational response includes theological reflections, health outreaches, legal aid clinics, meaningful male engagement, community engagement and establishment of congregational differentiated care models for health issues.

Mobilization and Empowerment of Religious Leaders

Over the years, INERELA+ Kenya has mobilized, empowered and transformed religious leaders, congregations and communities through faith sector platforms by integrating advocacy issues including sexual and gender based violence, gender justice, meaningful male engagement, paediatric HIV and TB treatment and mobilization for sustainable livelihoods through economic empowerment programs and agribusiness geared towards reduction of vulnerability to HIV. This empowerment has translated to stigma reduction and reduction of vulnerabilities of HIV.

Women, Land and Property Rights

INERELA+ Kenya has also implemented programs and interventions to address land and property rights. This is a result of a study that showed that bad land ownership regimen in Kenya had a very adverse impact on women, especially those living with or personally affected by HIV/AIDS. The system of owning land has largely been in favour of men. Often times, women are dispossessed of their land after the death of their husbands, exposing them to further suffering, and the risk of infection or re-infection with HIV. Those already under treatment are left in a situation where they cannot afford treatment or good nutrition leading to deterioration of their health, while their children are unable to access education. A key focus of this project was the economic empowerment of women to address nutritional needs as well as child health. To address land and property rights issues, INERELA+ Kenya implemented a project in Laikipia County where women were supported through training, legal assistance, and entrepreneurship skills. A key outcome of this project was the establishment of four Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) teams to make resolution of land related cases accessible and affordable for women.

Gender Discourse

INERELA+ KENYA has made significant contributions to enhancing the gender discourse locally, nationally and at the global level. Through its network, it has engaged in activities aimed at addressing Sexual and Gender Based Violence in faith communities, and especially among the leaders. Through support from partners, INERELA+ Kenya conducted and published a Gender Audit, that sought to identify factors fueling SGBV as well as gave key recommendations to address the vice.


INERELA+ Kenya has been engaged in advocacy in the following areas; Unfavorable government policies towards HIV, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) and and nutrition can lead to increased rate of infections, high child mortality and morbidity, and increase in stigma. Advocacy for elimination of pediatric HIV & TB Since 2015, INERELA+ Kenya has been engaged in advocacy to address pediatric HIV and TB issues within faith communities. The initiative, supported by World Council of Churches – Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance has seen religious leaders Call for Action to address the issues. Over the years, INERELA+ Kenya has engaged religious leaders through key mobilizing moments including the Day of the African Child, the World AIDS Day and the Universal Children Day. Advocacy for HIV and TB Stigma Reduction INERELA+ Kenya has been using the Framework for Dialogue to advocate for the elimination of HIV related stigma within faith communities. The advocacy has been up scaled to the Faith Sector Working Group, the MIPA Group among other key TWGs. As a result, INERELA+ Kenya continues to play a leading role in the HIV response as a key partner to the National AIDS Control Council, and has taken a leading role in the Faith Sector Working Group among other key TWGs. Advocacy for Good Governance Since 2016, INERELA+ Kenya has trained religious leaders as heralds of change to advocate for good governance with a keen focus on budget making processes in county and national governments to lobby for increased funding for WASH programs, nutrition and MNCH.