Project Description

The KAP survey seeks to gather information about what religious leaders know about TB, HIV and related human rights, what they think about people who are affected, or about their surrounding environment, and what they do with regard to seeking care or taking other action.


The KAP survey seeks to identify knowledge gaps on the topic, examine cultural and religious beliefs, or behavioral patterns that may facilitate understanding and action as well as scrutinize barriers and perceptions that cause stigma and discrimination of HIV and TB patients within the realm of religion. By participating in this study, KENERELA will be able to generate a vital and insightful report summary on the factors influencing certain behavior, the reasons for some attitudes and what is practiced by religious leaders with regards to HIV and TB.

The survey will be used to identify needs, problems and barriers in HIV and TB programme delivery, as well as recommend solutions for improving accessibility of services and reducing stigma and discrimination within religious institutions. The report will be used by KENERELA to conduct ACSM activities within religious institutions as part of its broader strategy to reduce HIV & TB related stigma and discrimination. It shall also facilitate the education and empowerment of religious leaders on HIV and TB control, treatment, stigma, discrimination and related human rights.

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