Project Description

Minutes of Kikuyu Dialogue Task Force Meeting

Members Present

  1. George Njenga – PLWHAS Representative
  2. Nelly Ngonyo – PLWHAS Representative
  3. Caroline Njuguna – Revival Mission Church
  4. Winnie Njambi – Community Health Worker
  5. David Njuguna – PCEA Kikuyu Township Church
  6. Hannah Kahewi – Public Health Worker
  7. Jane Ng’ang’a – KENERELA+ Kenya
  8. Christopher Kuria – Community Health Worker
  9. Alex Thuku – Eagles Community
  10. Monica Wamaitha – St. Bakhitah Catholic Church


Minute 01/02/2016: Review of minutes of previous meeting and a look at priority areas.

The committee reviewed minutes of the previous meeting and adopted them as a true copy of the deliberations. During the previous meeting, the committee had agreed that the following would be the priority areas for action;

  1. Make use of available resources to create awareness
  2. Establish CBO (Community based organization)
  • More Training of religious leaders should be vehemently conducted in order to disseminated the HIV messages
  1. Health education among the religious leaders and PLHIV should be encouraged
  2. The PLHIV should take up spaces within the community units
  3. Community health workers should have a community health extension whereby they link up with the PLHIV communities.
  • Networking like referral partnership among the religious leaders and community volunteers thus a way of saving lives.
  • The church should revise or variate their sermons by avoiding stigmatizing sermons
  1. Promotion of more dialogues in order to reach out to other religious leaders

Minute 02/02/2016: Review of progress made so far

Mr. Njenga noted that there had been meetings held with support groups for PLHIV in the area. He also added that PLHIV had been linked with churches in Kangemi and Gachie areas. He further called for collaborations between religious leaders and PLHIV.

Hannah noted that there was need for health workers to change their attitude towards PLHIV. She noted that there had been tremendous progress towards restoring the relationship between PLHIV and health workers. She however noted that there remained a challenge with Kikuyu Mission Hospital and Gichuru SDA Hospital which was accused of taking too much time before attending to patients. The PHO Ms Hannah agreed to step in and offer support.

She further noted that there had been liaison with schools managed by churches to reach out to 10 year olds and above in Kikuyu Presbyterian. She also added that there was need to support the Brigade School with training. She also added that PLHIV have been supported and noted that one patient who had depression and has not been adhering to medication due to lack of food had finally got support in terms of food in the last three weeks.

The committee was also informed that Nderi primary school needed a talk for the children and it was decided that the PHO and other religious leaders would take up that role. It was thus agreed that there would be mapping of the schools around the area and the same information would be shared with the PHO.

KENERELA+ Kenya was requested to facilitate CSE training for the Kikuyu team. Pastor Caroline Njuguna reported a case of stigmatization where a lady had been suffering from high blood pressure after giving birth because she was informed by a church leader during a house visit that he (church leader) knew that the woman’s house girl was HIV positive. She further added that she has since reached out to some religious leaders who have been demanding to know the HIV status of would be couples during weddings.

She noted that she has reached out to those leaders giving them the correct information that such an act tantamount to stigmatization of those living with HIV and that there are legal implications of the same. She reported that the religious leader had been saying officiating weddings for PLHIV was like “officiating death” to the families.

Ms. Winnie Njambi reported that tracking of drugs defaulters had been enhanced through support groups and comprehensive care centre thus there was increased adherence of medication.

Mr. Christopher Kuria reported that a lady living with HIV had been serving tea in church. The committee requested the social auditor of NCCK in Kikuyu to check how issues were being handled. It was also agreed that religious leaders within NCCK would be mobilized to address issues of support for PLHIV especially during the rites of passage.

Minute 03/02/2016: Way Forward

  1. Formation of a community based organization (CBO)

It was agreed that a CBO needed to be formed (2 meetings). It was also agreed that members’ details needed to be collected and tabulated. The committee also agreed that the CBO’s constitution needed to be drafted.

The committee agreed that the CBO would be named Kikuyu Religious Leaders & PLHIV Dialogue Forum. The committee also agreed that the minutes of the meeting should be ready by 23rd February so that a name search can be done with Huduma Centre on 23rd February.

The committee was informed that the registration fees is Kshs6,000. Mrs. Jane Ng’ang’a noted that there was need to sacrifice transport and Jane would give Kshs1,000 while the rest would add Kshs200 each. The members were requested t send the money and names for registration by 1st March

It was further agreed that after the creation of the Community Based Organization, it would be introduced to the Ministry of Education office in Kikuyu to allow the CBO to reach out to the schools within the area.

  1. Training of religious leaders

The committee agreed to reach out to Kikuyu pastors’ fellowship through Rev. Doc. Macmillan Kiiru in mid March and the Kiambu & Kabete pastors’ fellowship in mid March through Bishop Theuri.

The committee agreed that the objectives of the meetings would be to sensitize and equip the religious leaders, plan for a training and dialogue for the religious leaders with PLHIV and health workers and establish messages to reach out to the congregations.

Minute 04/02/2016: AOB

There being no other business, the committee agreed that the next meeting would be held on 1st March 2016 and the agenda for the meeting would be a discussion on rites of passage, schools to be reached out, registration of the CBO and the collaboration with NCCK.


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